Buying & Selling Property

In a modern world, proper Estate Planning is essential. There can be tax and other implications in making a will or in not doing so.

We are happy to deal with any transaction however large or small; private or commercial.

Our dedicated team will handle:

 Property Purchase

 Property Sales

 Mortgages \ Re-mortgaging

 General Land transactions

We are happy to act for vendors or purchasers and to liase with banks and lending institutions in relation to mortgages and finance.

We offer competitive pricing and a quick and efficient service. A full breakdown of all fees, charges and expenses is furnished to you at the commencement of every transaction.

Clients can visit our offices in Buncrana or Letterkenny at their convenience.

Buying or Selling Property – Steps in a Typical Transaction

Bank  or Lending Institution – Mortgage Approval – Contact lending institution to secure loan approval.

Auctioneer – Agree price with selling agent/auctioneer 

Solicitor – Contact your Solicitor to write to the seller’s Solicitor requesting the contracts for sale and title documentation for inspection.

Provide information to your solicitor – PPS number, Photographic ID, Proof of Address.

Surveyor – Nominate surveyor to carry out boundary and structural survey.

Let the bank know your solicitors details – Inform your lending institution of your Solicitors details so that your lending institution can send your Solicitor your mortgage documentation for signing.

Contracts for Sale – Your Solicitor will obtain from the Seller’s Solicitors the contracts for sale and title documentation and will raise a number of queries in relation to the documentation furnished.

Replies to Queries – Those queries will be answered to your Solicitors. Your Solicitor will call you to the office to sign contracts for sale and mortgage documentation when fully satisfied with the answers.

Closing Date  – A closing date is agreed between the parties. 

Pay Deposit – At the time of signing the contracts for sale the balance of the deposit is payable by the purchaser and generally speaking the deposit payable upon signing contracts is 10% of the purchase price.

Closing of the Sale – After signing contracts the details of the closing of the sale are agreed between the purchasers and sellers Solicitors.

Title Questionnaire – A further lengthy title questionnaire is furnished by the purchaser’s Solicitors for answering by the seller’s Solicitors.

Closing Requirements – A list of closing requirements is drawn up by the purchasers Solicitor and agreed by the Solicitors for the seller.

The Closing Day  – On the closing day the purchaser’s Solicitors and the seller’s Solicitors meet to close the sale.

Searches – Before the sale can close, searches are conducted by the purchasers Solicitors to ensure that there are no judgments or burdens affecting the property or planning issues which may affect title.

Sale Closed – If all matters are in order the sale may proceed to closing and the purchaser’s Solicitors will hand over the funds to the seller’s Solicitors at which point the keys will be furnished to the purchasers and the sale is closed.

Register Title – The purchaser’s Solicitor will then proceed to register the title in the name of the purchaser and will proceed to send the title deeds to the purchasers lending institution as the security for the loan that the lending institution requires.

Job Done – Once the title deeds of the purchasers property leave the purchasers Solicitors office the purchasers Solicitors job is complete.

Conveyancing Costs

Solicitors Professional Fee: 1% of Purchase Price

Solicitors Fee is subject to the following:

Without Mortgage, minimum fee of: €1,200 plus VAT

With Mortgage, minimum fee of: €1,500 plus VAT

Stamp Duty (Government Tax)

1% of Purchase Price (Residential)

7.5% of Purchase Price (Non-residential)

Land Registry Fees

Fees to register your new property under your name in the Land Registry.

€1 – €50,000 € 400.00
€50,000 – €200,000 € 600.00
€200,000 – €400,000 € 700.00
In excess of €400,000 € 800.00

The land registry also charge a fee of €40 for a certified copy of the property’s folio (title plans) and a fee of all mortgages of €175.

Search Fees (approx.)

€ 200.00

To ensure that there are no judgments or burdens affecting the property or planning issues which may affect title.

Commissioner Fees (approx.)

€ 50.00

Commissioner of Oaths to witness your signature.

NOTE 1: Surveyor Fees are estimated between €300.00 to €700.00

NOTE 2: All legal costs and outlays must be paid before purchase completes

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to buy a house?2020-08-24T13:50:36+00:00

Timeframe – Generally it takes six to eight weeks to carry out a conveyancing transaction from start to finish and the timeframe is dependent on efficiency of all involved; including the Solicitor on the other side of a transaction, length of time to deliver the surveyor report, and financial institution.

Properties sold by receiver: The conveyancing process in a receiver sale is usually more complex for the purchasers solicitor and may be riskier for the buyer. Expect a longer timeframe.

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